Thanks to all of you who have subscribed to this blog already! You’re definitely keeping me motivated to write more posts. Apologies for not not reciprocating quite yet as I’m still trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of the platform. Oh boy, less than a week at and I’m making changes already […]

Starting when my manager first told me that I’d be let go on through my follow-on conversations with the COO and then our head of HR, the message that I consistently got was that I was getting laid off due to changing business requirements, not because of performance issues or any fault of my own. As I imagine it is with […]

I ended going into the office for another 2 1/2 weeks after learning about my layoff. During that time I did 2 things: a) tried to convince our COO that I could contribute elsewhere within the company and b) started preparing myself forthe next steps I’d need to to take. a) I prepared for my […]

The day I learned my job was getting eliminated wasn’t particularly notable. That morning I went about my usual routine stopping by the fully-stocked kitchen to get my coffee and a bar of Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey. On my way back to my desk I said hi to a few coworkers and then logged […]